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2017 Utah State BJJ Championships Results - GVMA

Competition is a platform for people to grow. It allows them to raise the level of their training, to see how they perform under pressure, it allows them the opportunity to succeed and fail in an empowering way and it paves the way for personal growth. I couldn't be more proud of Wyatt Dietsch, Danny Mecca, Sam White, Ariel Beck and Shea O'Neill for how they performed as competitors and coaches this past weekend at the 2017 Utah State BJJ Tourney.

We commandoed down from Bozeman, Montana to prove our skills where it matters most which is in competition. We faced some impressive competition and accomplished exactly what we set out to do which was grow as martial artists.

Coach Wyatt did an exceptional job taking 1st place in the Men's No-Gi 166lb blue belt division as well as 3rd in the Men's Gi 166lb blue belt division. He lost only one match and three of his wins were by Submission.

Ariel Beck put on a clinic against a very stacked women's 130lb division that included both blue and purple belts. She came home with a 2nd place finish!

Danny took 4th in the 183lb men's no-gi blue belt division showing poise against some really big experienced guys.

Sam White did an excellent job tapping out his opponent with a triangle choke in his first ever grappling tournament! He also gets extra points for having the brightest and most baller grappling outfit.

Overall, it was an excellent experience. Next stop is Boise, ID in April for the Northwest Grappling Challenge! #teamgvma

~Coach Robyn

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