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Our children are our greatest investment and it makes sense to set them up for success as early as possible. Our mission at GVMA is to prepare our adolescent students by arming them with the tools they need so they can reach their full potential. Through our kids kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs  we build confidence, instill high moral values, develop self discipline, improve focus and teach kids how to resolve issues on their own.  The benefits of our program extend well beyond our facility and into every interaction your child has at school, on other sports teams and at home.

There is no other children's martial arts program like ours in the Gallatin Valley. Our kickboxing program is structured with the discipline and belt system of traditional karate but they learn the practical, proven and streetwise self-defense of boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and BJJ. Our youth kickboxing programs are for both girls and boys from ages 5 to 8 and ages 9 to 13. Our youth BJJ classes are for ages 7 to 13.

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