Robyn Klenk Deslauriers - GVMA Founder


Robyn opened GVMA in 2015. Robyn began her training in traditional martial arts at the age of 3. She received her first black belt in karate at age 9 and continued to train in traditional martial arts into her teenage years. In her early twenties Robyn began training specifically in Mixed Martial Arts equally splitting her training between striking (boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing) and ground fighting (submission grappling). Soon after Robyn began competing in the PA Golden Gloves for boxing matches, Muay Thai kickboxing bouts and NAGA competitions. As an amateur fighter Robyn was the holder and defender of 3 national titles and one international title. She successfully defended some of those titles for 7 years. Robyn has fought in several states, competed in some of the largest Muay Thai tournaments in North America and has fought professionally in Thailand. 

Robyn's passion is sharing her love of martial arts with her students and her goal as an instructor is to help empower people through learning to set and achieve goals. Robyn has a decade of experience coaching and teaching both children and adults.  Robyn is available for private lessons. 

            Wyatt Dietsch - Owner/Head Coach


Wyatt discovered his first love in martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu around 7 years ago. He was in search of personal growth and a way to test himself after college and ended up going down the rabbit hole of BJJ. Wyatt is currently a two stripe purple belt under Tom DeBlass. He actively competes in jiu-jitsu tournaments in both Gi and No-Gi and is a retired amateur MMA fighter.  

Wyatt is passionate about martial arts and he brings that enthusiasm to the classes and private lessons that he teaches.  He knows first hand the benefits of training in martial arts and he strives to bring that passion to his students. In Wyatt's own words, "Martial arts are for everyone regardless of age, gender or experience level. It's never too late to invest in personal growth." Wyatt is available for private lessons. 

           "Savage" Sam White - BJJ and Striking                        Instructor


Savage Sam White found his way to mixed martial arts almost 4 years ago. The Seattle native decided to give MMA a try because it looked "cool". Once he realized it was the funniest thing he's ever done he was hooked. Sam is a hard worker and has a contagiously positive attitude. His classes are fast paced, fun and always have an emphasis on fundamentals.

Sam actively competes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA. He is 4-0 in Muay Thai and 1-0 in MMA. Sam won the 2018 TBA Amateur Muay Thai World Title in his weight class. Sam teaches both kickboxing and BJJ classes and is available for private lessons. He also has the ability to grow an outstanding mustache and is a Navy veteran. 

           "Big" Rob Bonnell - Striking Instructor


Big Rob is our gentle giant. He found his way to us over 2 1/2 years ago after suffering a horrendous accident that split his knee cap in half. Rob used our program to shed over a 100lbs he gained in recovery and in the process found his passion for martial arts and helping other people. Rob is always hustling and if he's not on the mat teaching he's training.  He brings his passion and enthusiasm to every single class. 

Rob is an inspirational leader and an exceptional teacher. He teaches kickboxing fundamentals, level 2 sparring classes and has become an integral part of our fight team. He is available for private lessons. Rob is also quite the chef who loves Sunday family dinners, Dwight Yoakam and the Marine Corp. Oorah!