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Meet Our Instructors

Wyatt Dietsch

Gym Owner + Head Coach

As a brown belt under Tom Deblass, Coach Wyatt is committed to helping each student reach their full potential and achieve their personal goals in martial arts. He is a seasoned martial arts instructor with 15 years of experience, dedicated to empowering students to become bold and assertive through the discipline of martial arts, fostering both physical and mental strength.

Known for his positive energy and enthusiastic teaching style, Wyatt seeks to embody spiritual power, focused energy, and action-oriented thinking as a powerful role model for his students. Wyatt is passionate about creating a supportive and respectful training environment where students of all ages and skill levels can thrive. He believes in the importance of instilling values such as perseverance (a "Non-Quitting Spirit," as we call it) respect, and self-belief.

Outside of coaching, Wyatt enjoys camping, reading, swinging kettlebells, and cooking. He is dedicated to positively impacting in the lives of his students, promoting physical fitness, mental well-being, and cultivating a lifelong appreciation for the martial arts mindset.


Diego Dulanto

Head Muay Thai Coach

From a very young age, Diego knew that he wanted to be a martial artist. He started practicing karate at a mere 7 years old, representing his home country of Peru as a youth fighter, before going on to became a Muay Thai coach. What drives Diego now is sharing his love of the art with his students. Martial arts have always been an integral part of his life. He expresses gratitude for Muay Thai which has granted him the opportunity and the path to become a better human being, connecting him with his truest essence.


Chase Harvey

BJJ Coach

In pursuit of self-growth and confidence, Chase started training in BJJ and Muay Thai at the of age 17. After dedicating himself to martial arts for years and competing in multiple BJJ matches and MMA fights, he found more than he was initially looking for. He found his passion in life. 

Sara Titensor

Kickboxing Coach

Sara, AKA the Assistant Assassin, started her martial arts journey in 2018. Sara learned discipline and hard work at a young age through dance and music. After signing up her 5 year old son for martial arts classes and seeing the way the sensei commanded respect from a whole class of kids, she knew she had to try it out for herself. Taking that first step led her down a path that has transformed her relationship with herself, her world, and the way she shows up for the people she cares about. Sara enjoys sharing her love of kickboxing with kids of all ages, as well as adults. Besides being an instructor, she is also an accountant, DJ, lifter, animal lover, and outdoor enthusiast — and a beloved part of the GVMA team

Daniel Fowlie 

BJJ Coach

Daniel's desire to pursue learning and practical knowledge lead him to BJJ in 2021. Since then, the martial art has allowed Daniel to integrate his other passions of teaching, problem solving, and lifting up others into his practice. Being part of a caring community, the contagious joy of playing and learning with friends is what keeps Daniel motivated to train week after week. 


Niko Woodrow

Assistant BJJ Coach

Niko was named after a Steven Segal movie and grew up learning various martial arts; Taekwondo, wrestling, and Aikido. As of late, he has rediscovered his passion for Muay Thai and especially BJJ, following an old family adage that anything worth knowing must be taught. He finds great personal growth and satisfaction through coaching others on their journey of self improvement through martial arts.

B Bowman

Kickboxing Coach

B started training Muay Thai and BJJ as a way to relieve stress — but quickly became hooked. Now after several years of training and competing, martial arts have made an enormous impact on their personal growth, confidence, and physical health. B is passionate about creating a welcoming space where everyone can experience the same benefits, regardless of their fitness level, age, background, or athletic experience. B especially loves working with beginners to develop skill and increase confidence — and knows it's never too late to start!

Kam Jones

Assistant Muay Thai Coach

Kam has trained at GVMA since she moved to Montana. Initially, she joined to feel capable in her body, practice discipline, and find community. Gradually yet undeniably, it became a therapeutic obsession, a release, a clarity to train almost every day of the week. Bettering yourself through bettering your practice is a positive feedback loop Kam wants to share. Her goals as an instructor are to empower her students through embodiment, strengthen the growing community of fighters, and learn from each member. 

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Tristan Bomben

Assistant Muay Thai Coach

Tristan grew up engrossed in sports; soccer, skiing, hunting, and fishing with a healthy aptitude for physical activity and exploration. It only seemed natural that martial arts would become an obsession and, ultimately, a central part of his life. He began relentlessly training both Muay Thai and kickboxing at GVMA, falling in love with its complexity and the challenge inherent in the world of martial arts. Currently, he trains with the fight team led by Coach Diego.

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Jasper Shuerr

Assistant Muay Thai Coach

Jasper is a lifelong artist. Starting out with painting, and moving to blacksmithing and jewelry, martial arts is a natural continuation of their art.
Jasper started training BJJ and Muay Thai in 2021. When a knee injury prevented them from training, watching countless Muay Thai and kickboxing matches kept them sane. They returned to striking with a newfound passion and understanding of the art. After competing a few times, they found teaching to be a great way to spread their love of the art, as well as deepening their own understanding.

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Ricky Harney

Assistant Muay Thai Coach

Ricky spent most of his life as a 400 pound man with severe social anxiety. He decided to take control of his life and find his health. That journey led him to martial arts. Muay Thai emerged as his focus and passion. Ricky aims to train as many days of the week as possible and especially finds joy from sharing this newfound empowerment with beginners just starting out at the gym.

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