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GVMA Grappling Team - Upcoming Tournaments

Everyone has different goals for why they want to train in martial arts. For some it's losing weight, or getting in shape, or learning how to protect themselves, for others they are looking for an avenue to compete.

Competition is an important part of martial arts training. It's not mandatory and it's perfectly acceptable to put work in and train like fighter without the fight. But for some people competition gives them an opportunity to put in place what they have been practicing. It's an opportunity to elevate their training and be motivated to achieve preset goals. Through competition we put our skills to the test and become the best version of ourselves. It's an excellent avenue for personal growth! As Nelson Mandela said, "I Never Lose. Either I win or I learn."

Gallatin Valley Martial Arts (GVMA) is currently putting together a submission grappling team. We plan to head to two events this spring. For those who participate we will have special training to elevate your game and get you specifically ready for the tournaments. It also gives participating students the opportunity to compete outside of Montana, to demonstrate determination and have a super fun road trip with their teammates.

March 4th we will be headed to Salt Lake City for the 2017 Utah Open.

April 29-30th we will be headed to Boise Idaho for the Northwest Submission Challenge.

If you are a current student and you want to participate in one or both of these tournaments please give us a shout so we can get your training schedule worked out. If your not yet a member of Gallatin Valley Martial Arts (GVMA) and you want to know more about our awesome martial arts training and the opportunities and benefits it can offer you here in Bozeman, Montana give us a call at 406-600-4484 or email us at

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