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  • ​I don't have any experience in martial arts. Is that OK?
    Absolutely! You don't need any experience in order to train at Gallatin Valley Martial Arts. We will show you everything you need to know. GVMA offers classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. We pride ourselves on our family friendly and positive atmosphere. We are here to help you succeed and achieve your goals!
  • ​I am out of shape…should I improve my conditioning before taking classes?
    Would you eat before going out to have dinner in a restaurant? No, you wouldn't. Let us help get you in shape! Our foundation classes are introductory-level and geared towards students who have little to no experience or athletic background. Each class is specifically designed to help increase your stamina, strength, and flexibility. You will progress at your own pace and comfort level. No matter what your current level of fitness is rest assure you are able to participate.
  • ​Are your classes just for men?
    No way! Our classes are for everyone regardless of gender, age or experience. GVMA has experienced male AND female instructors and offers a women’s only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class each week. We also offer women’s self-defense seminars several times a year.
  • How do your kickboxing classes differ from cardio kickboxing classes?
    Both real kickboxing and cardio kickboxing classes can help you lose weight and get in shape, but cardio kickboxing offers no practical benefit whatsoever on your ability to defend yourself. Our kickboxing classes teach a combination of real boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing. You will be taught proper form and will learn how to effectively use combinations, power, footwork and timing. Developing real Muay Thai technique keeps you engaged in your workout while learning a highly beneficial life skill. Additionally, there is often a huge disparity between instruction levels for real kickboxing and cardio kickboxing classes. GVMA has highly trained and experienced instructors that can teach students proper form, help you work around injuries while developing real life skills. Often times cardio kickboxing instructors have no actual boxing or martial arts experience and are aerobics and or dance instructors.
  • ​Do all your classes have contact?
    No, GVMA offers both non-contact and contact classes. Our non-contact classes focus on building a solid foundation of skills, getting a good workout and learning an effective self-defense. You can train like a fighter without the fight. Our contact classes are offered separately for people who want to participate in various levels of sparring.
  • Do I have to compete?
    No, GVMA offers separate classes for students who want to participate in competitions.
  • ​How do I set up my first class and what equipment will I need?
    Please call us or send us an email so that we can schedule you for a free introductory lesson. The most important thing to bring with you to your first class is a positive attitude! As far as what to wear it will depend on the class you are taking. For your first kickboxing class we recommend a comfortable pair of shorts or yoga pants (no metal buttons or zippers) and a t-shirt. We require a shirt or rashguard with long sleeves for all No-Gi BJJ classes. Additionally we recommend you to bring a bottle of water and that you refrain from eating anything heavy prior to training.
  • ​What kind of investment am I looking at?
    Membership price can vary depending on the length of membership purchased, as well as the payment options. We offer police/firefighter/military discounts as well as discounts for second and third family members. Private lessons are separate from normal membership costs. We would be happy to go over all the membership options when you come in for your trial class.
  • What kind of equipment will I need to buy if I join? Where can I purchase the equipment?
    If you decide to join the equipment required will vary depending on what type of training you are doing. Basic requirements are listed below: ​ Adult Kickboxing Fundamentals Class: You will need handwraps and we recommend 14oz boxing gloves for women and 18oz boxing gloves for men. However, if you have another weight boxing glove (10 or 12 ozs) we will allow you to use them for this class. ​ Adult Kickboxing Level 2: In addition to the correct weighted gloves, you will need a mouth piece, groin protector, and shin guards. ​ No-Gi BJJ: Rashguard, mouth piece, groin protector (ear guards are optional for adults). ​ Gi BJJ: Gi, mouth piece, groin protector (ear guards are optional for adults). ​ Competition team: MMA gloves and headgear. GVMA has most of the required equipment you will need available in our pro-shop, including boxing gloves, handwraps, and shinguards. We can help you find the best place either locally or online to purchase a mouth guard, groin protector, and ear guards.
  • ​Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes, we offer private lessons in boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and self-defense. Private lessons are a great way to progress faster, work in a private setting, get one-on-one attention, focus on specific areas for improvement, increase your stamina, or prepare for an upcoming competition. Private lessons are available 6 days a week at various times. If you have a nontraditional schedule private lessons are an excellent way to stay consistent. Private lessons are offered in packages of 1 class, 2 classes, 5 classes or 10 classes. Small group instruction is also available.
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