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Northwest Submisson Grappling Results - GVMA

Two weeks ago we departed from beautiful Bozeman, Montana and drove 7 hours to Boise, Idaho to compete in the Northwest Submission Grappling Tournament. The competition was rather stiff with competitors traveling from Las Vegas, Utah, Wyoming and as as far a Canada.

Traveling the 7 hours might seem extreme but at Gallatin Valley Martial Arts we feel its extremely important for our competition team to travel. Traveling is imperative to growth as a fighter or competitor. It's our goal to have the absolute best mixed martial arts program in Bozeman, Montana. Although most of our students do not compete we are incredibly proud of our students that do as they represent that what GVMA teaches works.

The tournament was nicely organized. The refs were well trained. We brought home two first place finishes: Coach Shea O'Neill took gold on the mens advanced no-gi 130 to 150, and Sam White took gold in the mens beginner no-gi 166 to 181.

Assistant Coach Danny Mecca took Silver in the men intermediate no-gi 151 to 165 division and Coach Wyatt Dietsch took Bronze in the mens blue belt 151 to 165 division. Both Zach Dunning and Jonathan Olson competed both winning matches in their respective divisions.

We will return to the grappling circuit this fall but for now Gallatin Valley Martial Arts will continue to focus on the Fightforce MMA matches in Bozeman on June 10th. We have 5 students competing on that card. Please check back for more updates!

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