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2018 TBA World Classic Champion - Savage Sam White

GVMA Student Savage Sam White became the 2018 TBA World Muay Thai Expo champion in the Men's Novice Super Middleweight division.

The TBA World Classic is the largest Muay Thai tournament in North America and had over 900 fighters compete this year. Centrally located and held in Iowa many fighters from the largest camps in the United States and Canada participate. Sam was the only competitor at the tournament to represent Montana.

Sam faced a full bracket of tough competition and fought three times and made weight twice in two days. He won his first two fights unanimously and the last one by split decision. He demonstrated great heart and skill in each fight.

Sam did an amazing job of representing Montana and Gallatin Valley Martial Arts. Our goal here at GVMA is to support our students in all their endeavors and help them achieve their goals regardless of what that might be. For fighters like Sam we do our best to travel and expose them to the highest level of competitions. If you are a fighter in Montana and looking to take your game to the next level be sure to reach out to Coach Robyn to discuss your options.

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